The Best Youtube Channels for Learning 2024

Best Youtube Channels for Learning

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning ASP.NET in 2024: Expert Guides & Tutorials

In the dynamic landscape of web development, mastering ASP.NET is essential for building robust and scalable web applications. With the abundance of online resources, YouTube has emerged as a valuable platform for learning ASP.NET. In this article, we’ll explore YouTube channels that provide comprehensive tutorials, expert guides, and practical examples to accelerate your ASP.NET learning journey in 2024.

@MilanJovanovicTech*Clean Code , Web Apis , Domain-Driven Design , Railway-Oriented Programming,Design Patterns , Clean Architecture & DDD Series ,Entity Framework Core
@Netcode-Hub*Employee Management,ECommerce Application Online Phone Shop App ,NET 8 Blazor
@FrankLiuSoftware*SQL Tutorial , Blazor .NET 8 , ASP:NET MVC ,Web API Full Cource (.NET 8 ) , Core Security
@PatrickGod*Blazor WebAssembly Blog Series , Blazor WebAssembly E-Commerce Series
@abhayprinceHotel Booking Web App Blazor SSR – .Net 8 , E-Commerce Grocery App .Net MAUI , Netflix Clone – .Net MAUI , Realtime Chat App Blazor WASM , Complete App Builds
@Codewrinkles*Blazor .NET 8,Blazor Auth , Microservices with .NET Aspire & Blazor,.NET 8 ,Minimal APIs, Clean Code , Solid , C# Advanced , Logging , Clean Web API , EF core
@kis.stupid*.NET 8 Blazor , .NET API Error Handling with Result Pattern ,.NET 8 Auth – API & Blazor , .NET 8 , Build BRAND website in C# .NET 8 ,.NET – Testing , Logging , Azure ,.NET Web API , .NET 6 Blazor WASM
@JamesMontemagno*.NET MAUI , .NET Web API , Blazor
@amantinband*Beginner-Intermediate Friendly , Intermediate-Advanced , Intermediate ,Domain-Driven Design, REST API following CLEAN ARCHITECTURE & DDD Tutorial
@GavinLon*NET 8 videos,C# Interfaces,File Handling,Operator Overloading,Asynchronous Programming,Events,Delegates, ASP.NET Core MVC Web Application (.NET 5)
@MacroCoding* Employees Management System Blazor .NET 8.0 , * E-Recruitment System with ASP.NET MVC Core 7
@TeddySmithDev*React + .NET Core Finance Project , .ASP.NET Core Identity JWT 2024 , ASP.NET Web API .NET 8 Tutorial 2024
Codevidyalaya*Clean Architecture (.NET 6,AutoMapper,CQRS,Loging,Unit Test) – Clean Architecture (.NET 6) , ASP.NET Core API,ASP.Net Core MVC
@CodeMaze*.NET (CORE) Videos , C# Videos
@WonderDevelope*Angular 17 & Asp.Net Core API Full Course , Asp.Net Core 8 Web API Tutorial , ASP.NET Core Web Application,Full course for Mongo DB (No spoken education , just screen sharing)


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