eShopOnWeb Architecture Serisi – Dave Callan

Dave Callan
eShopOnWeb Architecture
Umarım herkes eShopOnWeb MİMARİ SERİSİ'nden keyif almıştır.
İşte tam setin bağlantıları.

Part 1 - uses marker interfaces to communicate intent and enforce design constraints

Part 2 - uses Value Objects to model domain concepts without identity

Part 3 - uses custom exceptions to more explicitly express what has gone wrong

Part 4 - uses the MediatR library to keep controllers thin

Part 5 - makes regular use of Guard Clauses

Part 6 - uses private setters and non default constructors to support encapsulation which helps keep the model valid

Part 7 - encapsulates navigation collections so consumers can’t edit them directly

Part 8 - uses in memory caching to avoid sending unnecessary queries to the DB

Part 9 - uses the Aggregate root pattern to ensure child objects are not manipulated out of context

Part 10 - has unit tests which test very low level implementation details

Part 11 - uses AutoMapper

Part 12 - uses the repository and specification pattern

Part 13 - has some single implementation interfaces

Part 14 - uses parameterized tests

Part 15 - has a really nice example of the Interface Segregation Principle

Part 16 - uses clean architecture

eShopOnWeb Architecture Serisi - Dave Callan


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